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Let's get started on a path to your home away from home.

Please see the checklist below.

Application, Licensing & Eligibility


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How to Apply

How to    Re-Sign

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  • Browse our website to see our floor plans and amenities.

  • Get in touch with us if you have questions and we'd be happy to assist.

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I am New Applicant

Please see the checklist below for students that have never filled out a Housing application for Housing.


If you have applied before these instruction will not apply to you. Please see the steps for Re-Signing.


I am a Returning Resident


Interested in Re-Signing for the next academic year. The Re-signing period opens February of each year prior to August move-in. Our current students have an opportunity to resign before we starting accepting signatures from new applicants in March.


If you missed the re-signing period we still have space for returning students. Spaces are moving fast.

Returning residents do not need to apply or pay the application fee. Please see the checklist below to reserve your space.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay my application fee?

Payment for your application fee can be submitted online using an electronic check (bank draft), or by credit or debit card or via money order (made payable to ICC),


Applicants who would like to pay via credit card, debit card, or bank draft, can do so by clicking on the tab labeled, Pay Application Fee, on our online application.  There is a 1.95% service fee for credit or debit card payments, and a $0.25 fee for payments made via bank draft.


If paying via money order, please mail your payment to the Campus Housing Office attention Leasing Coordinator. 

What is a guarantor? Where can I get the guarantor form notarized?

A guarantor is a person providing financial documentation in place of you, similar to a co-signer. The guarantor form makes the signer responsible for your housing fees should something happen to you. Most banks have a notary and some Post Offices have a notary. There are select offices at ICC's that may also have a notary please call and check for availability.

What are the license terms?

License terms are in line with the academic calendar. Licenses are offered for the Fall & Spring semesters, Spring semester only, and Summer term. 

Do I have to move out during semester breaks?

No, you do not have to move out for any semester breaks during your license term. Campus Housing at ICC does not close during semester breaks.

Are children allowed to live with residents?

Children are not allowed to live in campus housing as all residents must be students of ICC.

When and how do I pay my housing fee?

Housing fees are added to your student account at ICC after your license is signed electronically. Payments can be made through your E-services account or by vising the Enrollment Services Counter at ICC. Due the Thursday before classes begin payments for housing should be 1. Paid in full  with E-Services 2. Enrolled into a payment plan with E-Services.


These are the only two options for payment if financial aid has not already disbursed and paid the student's account in full. Should a student choose not to set up a plan for payment or default on a payment plan this could place the student in a not good standing and could lead removal from Campus Housing while remaining financially responsible.

Does financial aid apply to my housing fee? Can I enroll in a payment plan?

Yes, For students eligible for financial aid it can apply to your housing fees, but only after your tuition has been paid.

If aid has not disbursed and covered all expenses by Thursday before classes the student will need to either 1. Pay in Full or 2. Enroll into a payment plan and then wait for any reimbursement if available according to the student award letter. 

Log-in to your enrollment services account at ICC to setup a payment plan. You can contact enrollment services at (309) 694-5600.

What items do I need to bring for my apartment?

While furniture and appliances are included, we recommend students bring the following items with them:

shower curtain, liner, hooks, bath mat, toilet brush, plunger for toilet, towels & rags, garbage can, toiletries, pots & pans, cooking utensils, plates, glasses & silverware, garbage can, small appliances (i.e. microwave, blender, toaster, etc.), television, cable cord, internet router, bed linens (twin XL).  Reference our Move-In Guide here for a complete list of suggestions.

What items are not permitted for my apartment?

Candles (open flames) or incense, hot plates or open flames, flammable liquids, double sided tape, duct tape, tticky tac, contact paper, wallpaper, molly bolts, anchors, etc., paint, weapons, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, fireworks, grills (charcoal, electric, or gas), and torchiere lamps with halogen bulbs.

Are pets allowed?

No, Campus Housing at ICC is not pet friendly. Exceptions are made for service/comfort animals. Please contact our staff for more information if you will be bringing a service/comfort animal with you.

Can I cancel my license if I choose not to attend Illinois Central College?

Cancellation fees will vary depending on the date you choose to cancel your license.

Residents who cancel before July 1st will incur a $100 cancellation fee.

Residents who cancel after July 1st will incur a $500 cancellation fee.

Residents  who cancel after the first Thursday of classes after move-in will be responsible for the remainder of the lease/ license agreement.

Do you prorate housing fees?

Yes. If you move in after a semester term begins, your housing fee will be prorated to your license start date.  Housing fees are not prorated by license end dates.

Yes. If you are a CAT intern, please see the CAT Interns page for more information. If your internship is with another company, please contact our office to discuss details at (309) 698-2088.

What will it take to pass the criminal background check?

Offenses that result as ineligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Misdemeanors within past three (3) yearsAssault, this includes any form of assault conviction,

  • Narcotics/illegal drugsTheftAll Felonies, unless conviction is over 10 years oldThe following felonies result in ineligibility regardless of when it was committed: Aggravated Felonies: All aggravated felony convictions that resulted in a death, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault or the delivery of or possession of a felony amount of narcotics, All aggravated felony convictions set forth above that were for attempted crimes or conspiracy to commit these crimes. Any felony convictions for crimes related to sexual assault, any felony of a sexual nature, arson, injury to a child, indecency with a child, manslaughter, or possession of child pornography.


  • These are standards and shall result in the denial of any application and shall make the applicant ineligible for Campus Housing at ICC. If an applicant is arrested or has an arrest pending during the application process, then Campus Housing at ICC may consider such charges in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth above. If an applicant is deemed not eligible, he/she may contest the determination if a written objection is delivered to the Dean of Student of Success at ICC within three (3) working days of receipt of the notice of ineligibility. The applicant shall bear the burden of providing all necessary documentation to dispute the decision of Campus Housing at ICC.

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