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Log in to the Resident Portal to submit and review work orders, or to update your contact information.

Current Residents

Residents: this is for you! Learn more about your community and gain access to resources, forms, and important information. Scroll down for an amenity snapshot and some quick links.

New Residents

During Your Residency

Resident Amenities


Computer Lab

Located in the Community Center, residents have access to the Computer Lab daily until midnight.  The lab features 4 desktop computers, where residents use their ICC accounts to log in.  The lab does not offer printing at this time.


Laundry Room

Also located in the Community Center, the laundry room is accessible daily until midnight.  This room features 6 washing machines and 6 dryers.  Each machine costs $1.50 per use, and the machines take coins (quarters only), and credit/debit/gift cards (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover).


Fitness Center

The ICC CougarPlex is just around the corner to meet all of your fitness needs!  Your membership fee is included with your campus housing. For information about fitness classes and hours of operation, visit their website.  



The gazebo houses 4 picnic tables, which are available to residents first come, first served.  On either side of the gazebo are 2 charcoal grills.  Residents must bring their own charcoal.  We recommend that residents use Match Light Charcoal, as lighter fluid cannot be stored in apartments.


Club Room

Located in the Community Center, the Club Room is accessible daily until midnight.  Watch television, relax by the fireplace, or enjoy a snack/beverage from the vending machines just outside the room.  This room is available for reservation by Campus Housing residents and ICC faculty, staff, and organizations.  To reserve, please complete this form.  Reservation requests must be submitted 7 days (minimum) before the day of your event.  NOTE: Reservation requests from Campus Housing residents will only be reviewed if an RA/CDA has agreed to be present for the event (the name of the RA/CDA must be listed on the form).

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After-Hours Assistance

Resident Assistants (RAs) are available after hours to assist residents with various needs (see below).  If you find yourself in need of after hours assistance, please call the RA On Call at (309) 276-1896.


Bike racks can be found on the first floor of every building beside the stairwell. Management is not responsible for stolen or damaged bikes and cannot guarantee their security.

Cable/Internet Information

Inside your apartment, each bedroom and the living room is already wired with cable (1 cable jack per bedroom). Cable service is in the form of DirecTV.  To access cable, simply purchase a cable cord, and connect one end to the port in the wall, and the other to the port on the back of your television.  If you experience issues with the cable in your apartment, please use the Resident Portal or call the Campus Housing Office to submit work order.


Click here for the cable lineup.


Connecting to the Internet

Wireless internet (for the whole community) is being installed and should be ready by the middle of the fall semester!  Until then, each bedroom of your apartment is already equipped with internet.  You can either choose to connect to the internet via the Ethernet port in the wall (you will need to purchase an Ethernet cord), or you can set up a wireless connection (you will need to purchase a wireless router), which will allow you to move throughout the apartment freely, while using your device(s).


If you encounter connection issues, call the ICC Technology Help Desk at (309) 694-5457.

Guest Policy

Guests are defined as any resident or nonresident of Campus Housing that is visiting your apartment that has not been assigned to that space by Campus Housing staff or any nonresident visiting the Campus Housing community. Residents are responsible for their guests’ compliance with the Resident Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and Student Handbook expectations.  All guests must be in good standing with Campus Housing and Illinois Central College.  It is the responsibility of the resident to check with Campus Housing to ensure the guest is in good standing prior to allowing them to visit Campus Housing at ICC.  If you allow someone access to Campus Housing at Illinois Central College, or if they are in your apartment, they are considered your guest. Guests staying more than 48 hours shall be considered an unauthorized occupant.  If you have an unauthorized occupant residing in the apartment, you will be in violation of the license agreement.  Residents are required to notify and register their guests with Campus Housing. 

  1. Residents are required to escort their guests at all times everywhere on the property and may not be left in an apartment alone.

  2. Residents may have up to 3 guests at one time.

  3. Residents must gain permission from roommates for guests to be in the apartment.

  4. If all roommates agree, guests (or residents from other units) may stay overnight for up to 48 hours. Residents are permitted to have no more than 4 overnight stays in a month. An overnight stay is defined as any guest(s) that visits for a cumulative total of 6 or more hours between 12am and 8am.

  5. Residents may have guests no more than 12 overnight stays in any given semester.   

  6. Residents are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests, and all expectations and guidelines for students and residents apply to guests.

  7. Residents must meet their guests at the gate in order to be escorted from the time of entry onto the property. 

  8. MINOR CHILDREN – In addition to the resident, the parent/guardian must accompany and supervise minor children at all times.  Children may not be left unattended in apartments or common areas.  


Guest parking is located in Lots A, B, F, and G at ICC (yellow-lined spaces only).  Overnight guests with a vehicle may park behind the gate, however, guests must register their vehicle at the Housing Office, and a Guest Parking Permit will be given. Residents must swipe their gate card, and allow guests through the gate, to park in the resident parking area.  Each resident is allowed to sign out 2 guest parking passes.  Campus Housing is not responsible for towed guest vehicles if they are incorrectly parked.  Towing is provided by Joe’s Towing at (309) 698-3919.

Lock-Out Policy

Please follow the procedures below, any time you become locked out of your bedroom or apartment.


During office hours, please come to the office and someone will help you gain access to your apartment. After office hours, please call (309) 276-1896 to get in touch with a Resident Assistant.


Lost/Stolen Keys:

Please report any lost or stolen keys to the office immediately!


United States Postal Service (USPS) mail is delivered to the community Monday – Saturday, and is sorted by the office staff, and placed inside each respective mailbox. Packages that are too large to be placed inside your mailbox will be stored in the office, and you will receive a Package Slip in your mailbox, notifying you that you have a package waiting in the office.  Note: Housing will receive packages on your behalf, but will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.


Please remember to bring a picture ID (i.e. student ID or driver’s license) with you, as you will need to present identification before a package can be picked up.  Packages unclaimed after 14 days will be returned to the sender.

Maintenance Emergencies

The following are examples that are classified as emergencies and should be reported immediately.



  • Water not flowing in pipes (both hot and cold).

  • Overflowing plumbing fixtures or a broken water pipe.

  • Major roof leak.

  • Toilet overflowing.



  • Unit or building are completely without electric power.

  • If a breaker has been tripped and reset once and the same breaker trips again.



  • HVAC unit is not working correctly, specifically when the outside temperature is above 90° or below 55° Fahrenheit.


Facility Safety Issues:

  • Whenever a fire alarm sounds, regardless of the reason.

  • Gas leak.

  • Broken glass in public areas that jeopardizes security or personal safety (i.e. large windows/doors).


Health Safety Issues:

  • Any blood borne pathogen (i.e. bodily fluids, needles).

  • Bats, snakes, rodents, and other nuisance animals along with stinging insects inside the apartment.

Public Transportation

Bus Service is provided through CityLink (Greater Peoria’s Mass Transit District).  ICC students receive discounted bus fare with their student ID.  Visit for more information on fares, and to see other bus schedules.


Route 20: ICC Express

This bus provides service between downtown and Illinois Central College. Other major destinations along the route are the Embassy Suites, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Par-A-Dice Hotel & Casino and Eastport Plaza.


For a photo of the route, see below. You can also check out their website.










Quiet Hours

We want you to succeed in your academic endeavors here at ICC!  To do that, you need a quiet place to live. Please be respectful of those around you and observe the following quiet hours:


  • Sunday – Thursday: 10:00pm to 8:00am

  • Friday & Saturday: 12:00am to 8:00am

Renewing Your License

Thinking about staying with us for another year?  The renewal period will start near the beginning of the Spring Semester each year. We will notify all of our current residents by email when the new licenses for the upcoming year are published and available. At that time we will send you a license agreement to sign electronically. Please contact us if you have any questions!

















Renters Insurance

While renters insurance is not required when living in Campus Housing at ICC, we highly recommend it to our residents. Below is some information regarding renters insurance and why you should protect yourself with a renters insurance policy.


Why get Renters Insurance?

As a renter, you may not think you need Renters Insurance. But you may not realize that your community’s insurance policy does not cover your belongings.


Could you afford to pay for the damages if:

  • You started a kitchen fire and the building burned down?

  • Friends were throwing a football inside, accidentally hit the fire sprinkler, and flooded the apartment?


Without Renters Insurance, you have no coverage for personal property loss or damage. Every year college students lose millions of dollars’ in personal property from thefts, fires, floods, vandalism, natural disasters and accidental damage.


Have you ever thought about how much the stuff in your apartment is worth? If you lost it all, would you and your family be able to afford to replace it? College student property insurance can protect your belongings in the event that any of the above incidents happens.  


Laptops, tablets, smartphones, textbooks and more are staples on campuses nationwide and expensive to replace when a theft or damage occurs.  


Below is a link for more information regarding renter's insurance.

At the start of each semester, Resident Assistants (RA's) host Building Meetings, where they highlight the community's policies with all residents.  Each apartment then receives a paper copy of the Resident Handbook, for each resident to review.  All Campus Housing residents are responsible for reviewing the handbook, and asking their RA for clarity on any policy that they do not understand.  Click here for a copy of the Resident Handbook.

Resident Portal Information

Accessing the Website

Click here to be directed to the Campus Housing Resident Portal.


Signing up for your account

Click on the video to view instructions on how to sign up for the portal.


What can you do with the Resident Portal?


  • Update Contact Information – Click on the Residents tab and update your information.

  • Submit/View Work Orders – Submitting a work order takes a matter of minutes through our resident portal. Log in to your account and click the Work Orders tab to get started.  Please be as descriptive as possible.  This will help our maintenance team diagnose the problem. When the work order has been completed, you can log into the portal to see the completion notes. Work orders are completed on a first come, first serve basis, and based on level of severity. Thus, if we receive a work order for a blown light bulb, and a leaking toilet, the leaking toilet will be addressed first. You can always call in a maintenance request or stop by the office as well.

  • Complete Your Room Condition Report (RCR) – Your room RCR informs of us the condition of your apartment and bedroom, when you moved in. It also notifies us of any repairs that need to be made.  Click on the RCR tab to view the RCR.  Be sure to fill this out completely and accurately.

    • This must be completed within 48 hours of moving into your apartment.   

    • If you do not complete this report, it will be assumed that the apartment is damage free.  Upon move out, your apartment will be re-inspected, and you will be responsible for any damages found that were not previously reported.

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